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How the payment works?

How the payment works?

When it comes to payment options, we offer you the flexibility to choose between two methods: PayPal and Stripe. Both platforms are widely recognized and trusted for their secure and convenient payment processing.


With PayPal, you can link your bank account, credit card, or debit card to your PayPal account. This allows you to make payments directly from your preferred payment method without sharing your financial information with the recipient. PayPal accepts a wide variety of card types, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover.


Stripe is another popular payment gateway that enables you to securely process payments online. It supports a diverse range of card types, ensuring that you can use your preferred credit or debit card for transactions. Stripe offers a seamless checkout experience and prioritizes the security of your payment information.

Regardless of whether you choose PayPal or Stripe, both methods ensure a safe and reliable payment process. They employ industry-standard security measures to protect your sensitive data and offer convenient options for completing your transactions.

Please note that specific card types accepted by PayPal and Stripe may vary slightly depending on your country and region. However, both platforms generally support major credit and debit card providers, ensuring a wide acceptance of payment methods.

Selecting the most suitable payment option from PayPal and Stripe allows you to complete your transactions effortlessly, providing you with a smooth and secure payment experience.

How the payment works? Stripe Toptour Portugal, Transfers & Tours, Lisbon - Portugal
Paypal payment - Toptour Portugal, Transfers & Tours, Lisbon - Portugal

The payment process ensures the security of your information through encryption and secure transmission using SSL protocol. Here’s how the payment works:

  1. Encryption: When you initiate a payment, your sensitive payment details, such as credit card information, are encrypted. Encryption converts this data into a secure code that can only be decrypted by the intended recipient.
  2. Secure Transmission: After encryption, the payment information is transmitted securely using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol. SSL creates a secure connection between your device and the payment server, protecting your data from interception or unauthorized access during transmission.
  3. Server Authentication: The payment server has a digital certificate that verifies its authenticity. This certificate ensures that you are communicating with a legitimate and trusted server, reducing the risk of fraudulent activities.
  4. Payment Authorization: Once the encrypted payment data reaches the server, it undergoes a series of verification processes. The server checks the validity of the payment method, verifies available funds, and ensures compliance with security measures.
  5. Payment Confirmation: If the payment is authorized successfully, you will receive a confirmation message indicating that the transaction was completed. This confirmation assures you that your payment details have been securely processed, and the transaction is finalized.


By employing encryption and SSL protocol, the payment process safeguards your sensitive information and provides a secure environment for online transactions.

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